Industrial Design, Installation, Maintenance

For our industrial sector clients we provide an array of services that call upon the skills and knowledge-bank that we have built up over many years. Everything we provide to these clients draws on our experience, therefore we can work at any level within the procurement and delivery process. Clients know that they can call upon this during the design stage through to the final test phase, and all with our attention to detail.

Commercial Design, Installation, Maintenance

Our services within this sector are varied but all rely on our industry expertise and our vast bank of experience. Primary services include full electrical installation system and integrated lighting. Utilised by various clients and in a variety of setting including our primary one where we are used extensively is within the showrooms of luxury car dealerships including Ferrari, Mercedes, Volkswagen among others. We operate ‘hand-in-glove’ with various disciplines involved in either the new build or refurbishment of these showrooms including Architects, Facilities Management, Primary Contractors and of course the client or their representatives. When it comes to a quality service we relay on our 100+ years of outstanding quality and attention to detail.

High End Domestic and Residential Design and installation

When it needs to making the a standout statement through lighting it is vital that every element is considered.  Whether it is mood lighting or to create the perfect work environment, we think of everything, from positioning to the type of light used and even to how it is controlled. We have both the knowledge, experience and work ethic to make it the very best.

We ensure the design and installation will meet your expectations from general power and lighting to smart home installations.

If you enjoy music then what could be better than having a sound system that follows you around your home. As a standalone element or as part of our Smart Home technology we can give you a perfect and discreet audio system in every room that you choose.

Fire alarm and Emergency lighting systems.

Used extensively within both our Commercial and Industrial divisions, the installation of Fire Alarm systems which can involve sprinkler systems along with Emergency Lighting Systems takes a certain skill-set. This is one sector of our business that relies heavily on our adherence to quality during every step of the design, configuration and installation. Should the worst happen, you need to be safe in the knowledge that both the equipment and the installation will not fail you. In the past we have been commended for our knowledge and expertise, plus if we identify a weakness anywhere within the systems we will make you aware of it, that way we can sleep easy too.

Professional Smart Home Design and Installation

It is true to say that technology never stops, and with each little advancement our lives are made easier. Smart Home technology is a key part the ‘technology of everything’, this simply means that we can enrich our lives by embracing this technology. Currently, the advancements in both web enabled equipment along faster broadband speeds means that Smart Homes can change the way we live our lives for the better. Through our partners we can design, build and install a system that gives you unparalleled control wherever you are in the home and even while you may not be there. We also ensure that the systems used are also futureproof.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems for Domestic and Commercial

You only need to watch a couple of TV commercials to see what is happening within the car and vehicle markets, everyone is turning green. Governments have signed up to both reduce our reliance and use of carbon along with completely scrapping tradition fuelled vehicle in the near future. Vehicle charging points are already being installed in to new build homes and we can see them popping up in a variety of other locations. Retro-fitting of these charging points will become more common and in demand. It’s a good thing that we have been at the forefront of technology for over 100 years, so we quickly developed our core skills to provide a service to our discerning clients who expect and demand quality.

Latest LED energy saving technology

If the past decade has taught us anything, it is that we have to protect the environment, this can be achieved by using sustainable energy along with simply using less energy. Now if you add to that mix the ability to save money, then it really is a simple decision to make a change to LED lighting.  Making the switch is relatively simply, providing you make the correct choices in the right areas of your business. To begin this road to change you simply need to reach out to us, we can then assess your usage in the setting you have, we then furnish you with the best advice and how to get to your destination of reduced energy consumption without comprising the light you need and all whilst protecting our planet.

Testing and Certification

Whether it is checking our own installations or that of a third party we never compromise on quality and attention to detail. Services within this sector of our overall package includes everything from unit/equipment PAT-Testing to installation safety checks and certification, we can accommodate your specific requirements. Quality is held within our DNA, customer and clients rely on this and trust us to ‘get it right, first time, every time’.

Lighting Design & Installation.

Lighting has been a core service for over 100 years’, there are very few businesses in the UK that can boast this. Whatever your requirements are, in whatever setting, we have a solution that will not only meet your needs but we endeavour to exceed them. Whether it is mood lighting and creating a perfect home-office where a working light is paramount then we can help you with the design and installation. Plus we can integrate the control of the lighting into the use of Smart Home technology and control.

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