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E Taylor and Son is a fourth generation family business that was founded in 1920. Throughout a century of business we have witnessed technology come and go, and through each of these various technologies we have quickly adapted our skills to accommodate each and ensure we could serve our clients. We now look forward to the next century and you can be sure that we will continue to be at the leading-edge with our flexibility and skills. One thing is for sure, we will continue to provide a high-quality service that is customer and service focused.

Whilst we have specialised divisions, there will always be an element of cross-over between various skillsets and technologies, although each one benefits from our core management and focus on quality, workmanship and experience. Our commercial clients trust these core skills and we have developed excellent relationships with each one. For our growing domestic customer / end-user markets, either direct or through architects, designers we are once again trusted for our knowledge, expertise and attention to detail.  

Covering the whole/majority of the UK we can provide skilled electricians for both our commercial clients including; facilities management, architects, surveyors, landlords and business owners along with our domestic customers either direct or through a third party.

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2a Castle Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 1NX