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About E Taylor and Sons eletrical Company

Our business was started by Edwin Taylor in 1920 charging Accumulator batteries for customers’ wireless radios. He then progressed into installations for homes and factories.

Eddie, his son, joined the family business and led the firm through the second World War. The business was now well known locally and grew at a rapid rate, employing electricians throughout the North West.

In 1953 we moved premises into an old pub called The Kings Arms on Market Street. This became our first retail outlet and sold a range of lighting and electrical appliances.

In 1970 Eddie’s son, Peter, joined and is currently still in charge of the company with his wife Barbara.

Another move in 1973 took us into the Town Centre and improved the retail side of business as well as helping to improve our service to customers.

In 1995 Peter’s son, Ian, joined and is now in charge of installations on our commercial contracts.

Two sisters of Peter, Maureen and Sheila, have been involved in the company for over 25 years, making it truly a family firm.


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